Aug 25 2005

Twenty-Second Century Foundation - Description

The Twenty-Second Century Foundation is a non-profit corporation devoted to the following objectives:

1. To serve as a forum for businesses and professionals engaged in the creation and commercialization of information and related intellectual property;

2. To advance the state of the law for the creation and commercial exploitation of information in the United States and internationally; and

3. To participate in the development of effective means in law, policy and practice for commercialization of information assets in the Information Age, and to educate the public on the benefits of legal, business and technological structures that encourage the creation and commercialization of information.

Among its activities, the foundation drafts and participates in amicus briefs consistent with its objectives (for an illustrative brief filed by the Twenty-Second Century Foundation on an intellectual property issue, see the following), and in research and preparation of position papers consistent with its objectives (for a sample paper on intellectual property financing, see the following).

For further information about the foundation, contact Professor Raymond T. Nimmer, Chair, at 1701 Herman Drive, # 2701, Houston, TX 77004. Telephone: (713) 743-2152.