The Law of Electronic Commercial Transactions

Electronic commerce has become a fact of life but its legal dimensions are still under development. This treatise discusses the primary range of legal issues affecting electronic commercial transactions. These issues affect all companies and lawyers. For ordering information, see the following.

Modern Licensing Law

This new work treats licensing law as a distinct body of law. The authors discuss the laws, decisions, traditions, and practices that comprise the law of licensing as it is practiced today. Discussions include contract, property, and public policy doctrines. This comprehensive treatment of contemporary case law and statutory provisions gives you a solid foundation for dealing with today's licensing questions. For ordering and additional information, click here.

Information Law

This treatise integrates commercial law and intellectual property law concerning questions about information rights, liabilities and transactional issues. It provides concrete coverage of the most important issues that are likely to evolve over the next decade, and examines laws affecting information-intellectual property law, copyright law, the First amendment, privacy and data protection law, and more. It recognizes the convergence of industries and areas of law brought about by the digital information revolution and presents in a single location an analysis of the major areas that join together because of the convergence. For ordering and additional information, click here.

The Law of Computer Technology

This treatise covers every aspect of computer law, from contracting, licensing and information law issues to questions concerning intellectual property. It reviews all leading decisions and major areas of legal concern and covers latest topics, including copyright and computer technology, patent protection for software systems, technology licensing and computers. For ordering and additional information, click here.

Drafting Effective Contracts

Drafting Effective Contracts provides the tools necessary for attorneys whose livelihood centers on drafting contracts. A favorite of professional drafters for over a decade, this resource contains a consistent structural analysis and set of drafting elements that can be used from contract to contract. For ordering and further information, see the following.